As Investor Relations Professionals we understand the importance of communicating your story to investors, analysts and the financial media.

In addition, we recognize that your CEO’s and other senior executives’ time is very valuable.

That’s why we created the Int’l Mining Research & MineSnooper.com Mining Webcast where senior executives can communicate theircompany’s story to the world without incurring travel-related expenses and taking time off work.

Our webcast audience is domestic, international and diverse.
Audience includes: 70% individual investors, 22% industry executives, 6% institutional investors, and 2% financial media.

If you would like to participate in more than one sponsorship or presentation opportunity, a discount may be available.

Please contact David O’Brien at 604 987 6657 or Raymond Rich at 604 805 3383.
DOBrien@WITmarketing.BC.CA Rich,Raymond2@gmail.com

Presentation and sponsorship/advertising opportunities are as follows:

Sponsor/Advertiser – banner ads, linked, on all pre-event communications, during the webinar and in follow-up emails $400Cdn

Gold Sponsor/Presenter – as above with a Presenter spot including Q&A… $800Cdn

Platinum Sponsor/Presenter – as above (ads, links, Presenter) and 45 days of exposure on IMR’s websites & eNews letters $1,200Cdn

Presentation includes:
1. 30-minute live audio and PowerPoint presentation
2. 15-minute live Q&A
3. Presenting company receives audience contact information
4. Presentation will be archived for a year on YouTube

Presentation Times including Q&A:
11:00 AM PT – 11:45 AM PT
12:00 PM PT – 12:45 PM PT
1:00 PM PT – 1:45 PM PT
2:00 PM PT – 2:45 PM PT
3:00 PM PT – 3:45 PM PT
4:00 PM PT – 4:45 PM PT
5:00 PM PT – 5:45 PM PT
6:00 PM PT – 6:45 PM PT

Webcast Details

•Webcast Summary – Int’l Mining Research & MineSnooper.com present the “Mining is for Real” Mining Webcast on June 24th, 2015.
The webcast will include 30-minute live presentations and Q&A by CEOs and other senior executives of privately-held and publicly-traded
companies in the mining industry. The audience will be a diverse mix of international and domestic mining executives, individual and institutional
investors, analysts, media, and consumers.

•Webcast Format – Live audio and PowerPoint presentations via GoToWebinar platform. The webcast is a half-day long event.
We suggest you visit our Agenda Page on www.InternationalMiningResearch.com/webinars and select and attend only the presentations you may have an interest in. We do not expect the entire audience to attend all presentations. We anticipate the audience to be in and out of the webcast throughout the half-day, depending on what time their desired presentations start.

•Webcast Recording – All archived webcasts are available on YouTube.

•Webcast Q&A Interaction – Members of the audience will be allowed to ask the presenter questions via the text question box and the presenter will then answer questions verbally at the end of the presentation.

If you have already registered on our Registration Page and have received your GoToWebinar link by e-mail, please press on the link to attend
webinar.  If you have not registered or cannot find the GoToWebinar link in your inbox, please click on the button below to join our April 9, 2015
webcast, which starts at 11:00 AM PST.