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The real ‘three R’s…

Regional * Resource * Research

The whole world under a loupe…focused on resource investment opportunities.

Just the way mining Explorationists look for a mine under the ‘shadow of a headframe’, mining investors look for the penny stock right next to a $3 mining stock…the ‘area play’. It’s that proximity, those geological ‘trends’ that have investors looking for ‘contiguous’ properties…and are more likely rewarded. Think of Voisey’s Bay for Nickel, the Athabasca in Saskatchewan for Uranium, and now Potash…British Columbia for Gold…Mexico for Silver.

Regionally, these investors are often pre-disposed to consider geopolitical risk…often deciding NOT to invest in certain areas, while feeling that ‘grab samples’ one day…could lead to the development of a mine over the next five to ten years…and to ride that prospect up.

Investors are finding MineSnooper.com through their own ‘intuitive search’, then reading many pages, getting Stock Quotes and often clicking-through to the underlying Participant resource companies…building awareness…so IR departments are able to convert interested parties into Shareholders.

With the ‘third party’ of excerpted Newsletter Writers, Research Analysts, government links and Sedar filings…it’s ‘Due Diligence’ all in one place.

Everyone can get updated Association news and Event dates, contacts and details or “Ask Us!” for more. Now industry advertisers are seeing the light…the focal point is the knowledgeable, self-motivated and proactive investor out there…that really decides who’s going to get noticed…who’s going to get funded!