Exposure, Multi-Media & Events

 2,200+ Assignments Prove Tenacity, for One…
Our 1,200+ clients over the past 38+ years have relied on W.I.T.‘s expertise
in developing appropriately-placed campaigns that IMPACT their audiences.

A current and successful program can be found at International Mining Research Inc. (IMR),

which has developed a unique and powerful regional, resource-focused series of

Multi-Media Co-op Campaigns & Web Portals,

the latest two of which are still ‘up’, with more to come:




Get found!

the super portal for “Regional * Resource * Research, the real ‘three R’s.”…

and includes the industry’s strongest Media & Event companies, the most renowned Newsletter Writers and the top Research Analysts, all as Promotional Partners providing huge leverage to our Explorationist Participants.

Some of our Participants are into the Development stage and even into Production.

…exposure, magnified.

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